April 17, 2009

Couple Breaking World Record of Golf!

Breaking world records in the game of golf doesn’t have to mean getting the lowest score or hitting the longest drive. To prove that point Jonathan and Cathie Weaver made it their goal to break the world record for most rounds played in a year. Between the dates of April 1st and March 31st the Weaver’s have traveled around North America and have played 18 or 36 holes at each stop. Jonathan, 43 and Cathie, 47 traveled in a 36 foot Winnebago and a trailer for their clubs and belongings for the year and paid for all of their own expenses included all greens fees and travel. The Weavers are not only out to break the world record but also want to give a large donation to the Ronald McDonald House, giving the charity all of their proceeds.

So far the Weavers have collected over $500,000 to donate to Ronald McDonald House which is mostly made up from contributions from golf courses, golf clubs from Warrior Custom Golf, and donations from Karbon Golf a golf shirt manufacturer. The trip is still in progress and the Weavers plan to play 437 rounds, which as of now looks like will surpass the record. They will have played in 12 states and 9 Canadian providences and have traveled in their Winnebago over 36,000 miles.

Jonathan and Cathie are obviously both avid golfers and dreamed about taking this trip when they were retired however with the turn of the economy Cathie lost her job and Jonathan being self employed decided what better time than the present! With over 400 rounds of golf under their belt Cathie a handicap of 16 has scored one hole in one on a course in Alabama. Hopefully before their trip is over, Jonathan will be able to match Cathie accomplishment and score an ace for himself!

April 10, 2009

Skipping Stones in Augusta!

If you have ever seen anyone skipping stones at a pond, lake, or ocean then you may be able to picture what happens on the 16th hole at Augusta during practice rounds for The Masters. Although the general idea is the same, the talent and expertise needed to pull off this feat exceeds even some of the most accurate approach shots or long drives. Professionals on the PGA Tour, demonstrating a level of shot control most golfers could only dream to possess, hit their practice shots off of the 16th tee box low and fast, sending the ball bouncing across the surface of the water obstacle in front of the green.

It is a tradition that began more than 20 years ago, when Lee Trevino attempted the shot during match play. As he was already 8 over par at the time, a poorly hit shot would not have much effect on his final rank so he hit a punch shot directly across the water’s surface. Since then, golfers have made the 16th hole at Augusta a chance to show off some tricky shots during practice rounds, competing only to win the respect of their fans. This past Tuesday, during a practice round for the 2009 Masters Tournament, Vijay Singh gave spectators a real show by hitting a hole in one after skipping his tee shot across the water. Most players struggle to hit their shots close to the pin even when the golf ball is struck properly, so to get a hole in one like Vijay Singh’s is certainly a one in a million chance.

April 02, 2009

$100,000 Hole In One Winner

It was one year ago this month that John J. Dower stood on the tee of the 7th hole at LaFollette Golf & Country Club with the chance of a lifetime. It was simple. Hit the golf ball in the hole from 181 yards out and win $100,000. As you can see from the video below, Dower did exactly that. Dower was one of 4 individuals to attempt the shot on 4/25/2008. Hitting third in the group, his ball landed short of the hole and then rolled in the cup. "It meant more to me because it was a relay for Life Event, but $100,000 is icing on the cake for sure," said Dower about hitting a hole in one at the golf tournament to benefit the Relay for Life.

Dennis Powers organized last year's first ever Relay golf tournament at LaFollette Golf & Country Club and estimates the event raised more than $3,500 for the Alerican Cancer Society. "When I heard the ball hit the green with a thump, I'll never forget it. I knew it had a chance to go, but I've seen so many close calls. I thought it would just be another shot that barely missed," said Powers. There was a deafening silence as the ball never left the line of the hole and when it dropped out of sight the crowd wend wild."

Congratulations to John J. Dower from US Hole In One!