March 30, 2009

Tiger Jr's!

If a young golfer gets a hole in one are they born to be on tour? Many say that getting a hole in one is purely based on one thing, luck. However some would say that getting a hole in one takes some sort of golf skill and if a young golfer possesses the coordination and ability to achieve such a great golf feat as young as nine years old then they most likely will be a talented golfer in the future.

Joshua Glossop is one of these young golfers who scored an ace at the young age of 13 at Rustington Golf Centre. Glossop was playing in the club Winter League tournament and is now the only junior golfer at the club to achieve a hole in one in an adult tournament. Joshua was able to share the exciting moment with his dad, who he was partnered with for the event. He now has the title of the first hole in one in the family (his father has not yet gotten one). Glossop plays on the team at Rustington as well as a school team. In addition to playing he also teaches even younger golfers under the age of ten!

The next young golfer actually holds a very high nickname at his club! Nine year old Taidgh Kinsella is known as “Tiger” around Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre where he nailed a hole in one during one of his lessons. Kinsella drove the ball 90 yards to the green on the par 3 and watched the ball roll in. Taidgh started playing the game because of his older brother’s influence and his professional teacher reported that he is “quite advanced” for his young age. Because of these two young boys age they were not able to perform the traditional celebration of buying a round of drinks at the club house however I’m sure they found many other ways to celebrate their special day!

March 20, 2009

Winter Golf Getaway's

If you are on the east coast like the members of US Hole In One the winter blue may have you down! The windy cold air, snow and freezing rain are not something that a golfer likes to see out their window when they get up in the morning and when you get to March all you wish for is sunshine and a weather forecast over 30 degrees! The only option an east coast golfer has other than wait out the cold is to getaway! Here are three great ideas for a winter vacation filled with sunshine and sand while also getting in a couple rounds at some beautiful courses!

First and foremost, the golf course that every golfer is familiar with Pebble Beach in California. This destination is perfect because not only does it offer outstanding golf but its location is great for various other activities. Pebble Beach Resorts has many hotels and spa for family members that aren’t set on golfing everyday. Also being in California the door is wide open for travel throughout the state and not having to worry about cold weather! Another great resort and golf location is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico offers many great golf courses including the Arthur Hills Golf Course at El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa. This resort is perfect for a family vacation because there is so much for the family to do without even leaving the hotel! The Arthur Hills Golf Course also won Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Golf Resort and Golf Digest Best Places to Play Award in 2008.

Lastly for those on the east coast looking for somewhere a little closer with more affordable flights you might consider might consider the Sunshine State specifically Naples, FL. Tiburon Golf Course is a well known and amazing course designed by Greg Norman, nicknamed the shark (in Spanish translates to el Tiburon). Tiburon offers two 18 hole courses (Gold and the Black course) and is also the winner of the Travel and Leisure World’s Best Golf Resort for 2008! Anywhere you choose to go make sure you check the weather and make your tee times far in advance. Good luck on your travel planning!

March 16, 2009

12 Year Old California Golfer Scores an Ace!

Hitting a hole in one is exciting at any age but achieving such an amazing feat so early in you golf career like 12 year old Israel Mendez did gives high hops for his future as a golfer. The hole in one occurred at Saboba Springs Golf Course in San Jacinto, California. Israel has been around the game of golf most of his life with his father being an avid golfer. Israel is home schooled and a regular at Saboba Springs, spending about 5 hours at the club 4-5 times a week practicing and hitting the links. Golf is a family sport at the Mendez house and Israel has really developed a love for the game. Along with Israel and his father, both of Israel’s brothers have taken a strong liking to game as well.

Israel was fortunate enough to share his hole in one experience with his two brothers, Fabian and Joseph who both say that Israel was extremely excited when he witnessed his shot roll in the hole. The hole in one occurred on the fourth hole at Saboba Springs from 113 yards away. With one hole in one under his belt Israel is on the fast track to achieving his goal of playing golf in college and becoming a professional golfer. We can only hope the luck runs in the family and there are more aces to come from the Mendez family. Of course, an ace on a Par 3, insured with a prize by US Hole In One would be twice s nice!