February 26, 2009

It's All In The Name?

Two lucky teenage golfers scored hole in ones at Chester Golf Club this week. Doesn’t sound too impressive? Well how about two lucky teenage golfers with the same first name hit aces this week, on the same hole, within 24 hours of each other? Now that’s something to talk about! Callum Bowness and Callum Roberts both nailed a hole in one using their 9 irons on hole number 3, a 150 yard par three at Chester Golf Club. Bowness was the first one to make the hole in one. He’s a 15 year old who enjoys playing golf however doesn’t make it a full time commitment. At a 21 handicap he says he has “no real ambitions to take the sport up seriously, but I want to be able to accept an offer of a round and not be terrible.” He sure wasn’t terrible during that round! Bowness didn’t see the ball go in but got a good feeling when the foursome ahead of him on the next tee started jumping for joy.

Callum Roberts however plays from a different point of view. Although he has never scored an ace before, he plays a one handicap and desires to make a living playing golf and go pro one day. Roberts like Bowness hit his nine iron off the tee box excpect he was furtunante enough to see the ball go in the hole along with his dad whom he was playing a tournament with that day. Roberts didn’t let the excitement distract his game as he and his dad went on to win the tournament! Congrats to both Callum’s from US Hole In One!

February 18, 2009

High Hopes for Wie in 2009!

Wie is back! No not the video game but Michelle Wie the teenage golf sensation who officially got her LPGA tour card by passing Q-School last week. Many had high hopes for Wie when she first started playing. The extremely talented 15 year not only looked older with her tall slender figure but also acted very mature with her sophisticated attitude. It was this serious attitude that worried some who viewed her as unapproachable and undesirable to watch despite her unbelievable talent. Most thought she would have achieved her tour card for the LPGA and the PGA long before 2009 however after making the decision to go to school at Stanford she was unable to make enough money in the tournaments she played to be exempted from Q-school.

Wie’s coach says she’s a completely different player now physically and mentally. She’s stronger and more focused. Some players still had their doubts that 2009 would be “Michelle’s years,” Stacey Lewis, the champion from Q-school who played with Wie on Friday, said that “she's a good player but not that much better than anybody else." Wie finished tied for seventh with a -12 par to confirm her tour card. She’s determined to use her card as often as she can and really take this opportunity to become a more experienced and an overall better player. Wie will be a key player to watch on the LPGA Tour in 2009 especially since Sorenstam has retired. The door is open for the next LPGA star we will just have to tune in and see who that will be!