January 30, 2009

Buick and Tiger Part Ways

The economy is taking its toll everywhere these days, even with Tiger Woods. GM has just announced that they are ending their endorsement deal with Woods after 9 years of Tiger being the well known face for Buick. The endorsement deal was estimated around $7 million a year but the money spent was well worth it to GM. Due to the sponsorship, Buick’s name became highly recognizable and closely related with the successful sports icon, Tiger Woods. Buick also achieved a change in their customer base with the younger demographic interested in the car versus the stereotypical “grand pop” image the car maintained.

The break with Tiger was reported to be mutual. Woods after having knee surgery and working on a successful recovery needed time to concentrate on his career and his family (wife, young daughter, and second baby on the way). The move made sense in the recent economic fall and especially considering the troubles hitting the automotive industry. Buick is not out of the golf world completely. Buick still sponsors the Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines and the Buick Open in Detroit, two main PGA events. Woods’ agent also reported that his bag won’t go without a logo and that there is something in the making for a new title sponsor but we are going to have to wait until Tiger hits the links again to see who that sponsor is!

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January 19, 2009

Golfer’s Mis-hit Leads To Hole In One (On The Wrong Hole)

All golfers have done it at least once in their career. You step up to the tee box, tee up the ball and take a full powered drive at the ball only to have sliced the ball so badly that it actually ends up in the fairway of a different hole. Most of the time, it is slightly embarrassing and somewhat frustrating to walk over and search a different hole for your ball. However, in this one case the golfer described it as a “great feeling.” Why? Because he didn’t hit the fairway or the rough of the wrong hole, he actually hit the green and the ball went in the hole!

Clive Seymour teed up on the 10th tee but his drive took a different route and his ball ended up in the hole on the fourth green. He said “it’s a great feeling, even if it was in the wrong hole.” Seymour, 74 years old was still the talk of the tournament even though his ace didn’t win him any prizes that day. Clive had quite the interesting story to tell to his six grandchildren that day. Who knows whether hole #10 or #4 were even par 3’s but there is no doubt that Seymour will always remember his unconventional hole in one.

January 09, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is a Hole In One!

It’s a gift that all golfers want and one that you can’t wrap! Avid golfers may ask for new clubs, polo’s or golf bags this season however the real gift that every golfer wants is a hole in one! The odds of hitting a hole in one are 12,000 to 1 making it a hard feat for anyone and one even Santa can’t guarantee for Christmas. Throughout the year we have heard amazing stories of remarkable holes in one, ranging from little kids to seniors, stories from golfers very first hole in one and some who have scored multiple! There is really no secret on how to score an ace, they happen to pros and first timers. The main advice one can give to a golfer who longs for the day where they achieve the most sought after accomplishment in golf is to get out there and play! The more you play the greater the chances are to hit a hole in one. Also the more you practice the more accurate your swing becomes. As 2008 comes to an end why not make your new years resolution to get a hole in one either in a tournament or just playing for fun with friends.

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