December 19, 2008

Golf :: The Cure For Holiday Stress and Calories!

It’s that time of year, the holiday’s are here! With the winter months just around the corner the holidays bring excitement, family, and for those of us on the east coast, snow! The holidays are not all fun and games and can take a real toll on your body, physically and mentally. Thanksgivings brings all day eating and drinking and with Christmas coming the demands of getting the house ready, finding the prefect gift, and planning the holiday parties can all stressful. There are many things that you can do to relieve this stress but if you are fortunate to be able to be outside in the winter months, why not golf!

Golf has shown to be a great answer to making you body feel and look good. Physically you walk between four and eight miles in one round of golf burning about 1,000 calories. A round of golf is a full body workout, your legs don’t do all of the work out there, your core muscles and arms are getting a work out every time you swing the club.

Golf is also a great way to relieve stress. As long as you’re not playing on a pro level, golf for the most part is a social game with two or three friends that you can relax and have fun with. Golf has also been shown to help you mentally. It looks somewhat easy to the eye, swing the club and hit the ball into the hole. Not so much! For anyone who has ever picked up a golf club they know that golf is nowhere near easy. The game makes you think a lot about every shot, where to hit the ball, how hard to hit it, not to mention how to avoid all the obstacles the golf course throws at you. Overall golf is a great exercise for your body and mind whether you play for fun or contest! So if you’re lucky enough to be able to get on the golf course without loosing your ball in the snow this holiday season, I recommend loosing that extra stress and pounds out on the course.

December 12, 2008

Planning a Party? Don't Forget the Olives and Dice!

US Hole In One not only offers prize coverage for hole in one contests but also for a wide array of other promotions. Looking to do something at your next corporate event, holiday party, or even a birthday party, US Hole In One has just the games for you. Two of the most popular events are the olive toss and the dice roll.

Want to give the company’s top employees a chance to win big at your next corporate function? The olive toss is a great promotion to offer. Give those people a chance to throw an olive, from twenty feet, into a standard size martini glass. If someone makes the shot they’ll win big. The olive toss is also great for smaller events like private parties. By selling raffle tickets during the event you can not only raise money for your cause but you can also give some lucky party-goers the chance to win a great prize.

The dice roll promotion is another fabulous way to add some flare to your next big event. You will have a choice, when purchasing the coverage, whether you would like to have three, four, five, or six dice. Once you select how many dice you would like to have in the game you will then choose a word to go on them. For example, if you choose to have six dice, you could pick the word W-I-N-N-E-R. One letter of the word would go on the “one” spot of each of the six die. Now all you have to do is give each person a chance to roll. If someone is lucky enough to spell the word WINNER on their throw, they’ll walk away with a big prize.

December 05, 2008

Following Tiger :: What The Worlds Best Golfer Has Been Up To

Tiger may have been off the leader boards all summer but he certainly has been busy. Not only has he been recovering from his knee surgery after his triumphant win at the 2008 U.S Open at Torrey Pines however he’s also been designing. No, we won’t be expecting a Tiger Woods golf shoe line anytime soon but Tiger Woods is designing golf courses, three to be exact with locations all over the world.

The Punta Brava is located in Mexico about 65 miles south of San Diego. Its 6,835 yards with a par of 70 and is reminiscent of Pebble Beach with many holes lining water. The Al Runwaya Golf Course at the Tiger Woods Dubai is set in the middle of the desert and will hopefully be opening in late 2009.The name of the course means serenity and Woods said it is designed for golfers with a smart and creative approach to the game. Lastly, the Cliffs at High Carolina in Asheville, NC is scheduled to open in 2010 and is located on a mountain range with the difficulty lying in the present trees and hills.

With Sergio Garcia on his heels, Tiger is definitely eager to get back in the game. The most recent reports say that Tiger should be healed to play as early as late February or early March for the PGA Florida tournaments. It looks as if he won’t be able to attend the Dubai Desert Classic in January to defend his title however he is on track for his goal to play in the Masters in April. Tiger’s comeback from the surgery is one well anticipated and hopefully his quest to win 19 Major Championship will continue on.