November 21, 2008

How Do I Pick a Grand Prize Hole?

Picking a grand prize hole is easier than you might think. If you’re an avid golfer than this seems like no big deal but for those out there that are in charge of the company golf tournament and have never set foot on a golf course this may seem like more of a challenge. The only requirements that US Hole In One has when picking a grand prize hole is that it must be a par 3 hole and it must be at least 150 yards.

If you are not familiar with the game of golf and don’t understand the terminology then the easiest way to pick the hole is to find a score card for the course. The main thing to look for on the score card is the par for the hole. For a hole in one contest you will need to use a par 3 hole. Most courses will have around four or five to pick from and all you need to do is make sure that the hole will play from 150 yards or greater from the color tees that the golfers will hit from that day. Calling up the pro at the course is also a great reference because chances are they have done multiple golf tournaments and can recommend a par 3 that has been successfully used in other golf outings. If you are insuring a new car or a motorcycle another aspect to remember when you’re choosing a grand prize hole is the convenience of getting a car or bike out to that hole, for this purpose you might consider a par 3 hole close to the clubhouse.

With US Hole In One those other par 3’s won’t go without prizes. US Hole In One will insure the other par 3’s, that are greater than 130 yards, on the golf course at no extra cost. Bonus prizes are included in the package just in case you have a golfer that gets an ace on a par 3 hole other than the grand prize hole. These prizes include a LCD Flat Screen TV, a Set of Big Bertha Irons, and Two Round Trip Airfare Tickets anywhere in the Continental US.

November 14, 2008

The Rules of Golf :: The Golfer’s Bible

The “rules of golf” are worrisome for most golfers due to the fact that the rules are extremely lengthy and somewhat confusing. If you are a serious golfer it’s extremely important to know and understand the rules of the game and all golfers know that anything can happen on the golf course so you must be educated to make the proper decisions. The rules of golf are complicated and even pro’s sometimes make mistakes that will cost them strokes in important rounds or even disqualification in a tournament. The USGA reported some of the most crucial rule incidents of 2008 that had a big impact on pro’s and their game.

Sometimes there are conditions out on the golf course that are completely out of your control. A perfect example of this is happened at the U.S Senior Open in Colorado this year when Hale Irwin’s backswing of his drive off the first tee was interrupted when a loud bell rang from a nearby shrine. Irwin tried to pull back his club however was unsuccessful and made contact with the ball hitting it 20 yards in front of him. Irwin was not rewarded a mulligan shot due to Decision 14/1.5- Intent to Strike Ball because Irwin was unable to stop the club from hitting the ball on his downswing and was forced to hit his second shot from where the ball lied.

Unlike Irwin, sometimes pro’s just flat out forget or make an obvious mistake that can cost them the entire tournament rather than just one stroke. In Michelle Wie’s case in the LPGA State Farm Classic, Wie simply forgot to sign her scored card for her 5-under par round of 67 and was disqualified from the golf tournament. Immediately after Wie left the ruling grounds someone called her back about the unsigned card but technically because she had already turned in the card and left for the day her late signature was not acknowledged.

Although the game of golf is fun and definitely exciting it is important to be conscious that your golf tournament abides by the rules. At US Hole In One we encourage all of our clients to educate themselves and fully understand the terms and conditions that comes along with hole in one insurance so that there are no worries at your tournament when someone hits the grand prize.

November 07, 2008

Garcia Wins at Home

Victory is always sweeter on your home turf. Sergio Garcia proved this in his win at Club de Campo del Mediterraneo golf course, his old stomping ground in Castello, Spain this past weekend at the Castello Masters. Garcia played an amazing four rounds for a total of 264, 20 under par with all of Sergio’s rounds at under 67. I guess you could refer to this as a home field advantage for Garcia seeing that the Mediterraneo golf course is where he grew up golfing with his father when he was a little boy. Garcia expressed that this was a special win for him being from Spain saying, "Just getting the tournament here was special for me and my family but to play the way I did and win it is awesome.”
Garcia beat out Peter Hedblom from Sweden who came out strong in the event and worried Sergio at the start. Garcia and Hedbloom battled it out hole for hole in the last round however when Hedblom bogied number 17 putting him 3 back, Garcia knew he landed the victory.
Garcia had more on his mind than just the win that day. As excited as he was he dedicated his win to Seve Ballesteros another spanish world known golfer in the 80’s who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery earlier this October. As a fellow friends and golfer, Sergio honored Ballesteros after his win and sent his prayers and thought to him and his family.