October 30, 2008

Young Golfer Accomplishes Major Feat!

A hole in one is usually something a golfer works up for and it is believed to take time and practice to be able to conquer such an accomplishment of a hole in one. Most of the hole in one stories involve someone who has played the game for years or played in multiple tournament however we rarely hear of a kid getting a hole in one yet it really does happen! Yes, a little kid, not a 20 something young adult but an 8 year old boy from Seattle.

Garrett Spragins, landed a hole in one in a Northwest Junior Golf Tournament just last week. The 17th hole was 122 yards and he made the shot with his driver! His dad is also a golfer and needless to say was proud of his boy but could not help to be a little jealous that he still has not had a hole in one after 37 years of playing the game. Little Garrett Spragins beat the 12,000 to 1 odds of an average golfer to hit an ace and hopefully his dad will one day too!

Spragins surprisingly is not the youngest golfer to hit a hole in one. That title still belongs to Jake Paine from California who scored an ace when he was just 3 years old back in 2001. Better be on the look out for these kids to make it big and play on tour one day!

October 24, 2008

Golfer Hits Hole In One On First Swing!

Try to remember the first time you ever stepped up to the first tee and took your first golf stroke. Most people can’t remember where they first played, who they played with and when exactly it was that they took their first swing at a golf ball. If you were to ask any of these questions to rookie golfer, Simon Hall, you could expect very detailed answers. The very first time Hall ever swung a golf club in a tournament he landed one of the most sought after accomplishments in the game of golf, a hole in one.

Hall said he was hesitate when starting the golf tournament seeing that he has only been to the driving range a hand full of times and never played a registered round of golf. Needless to say he was completely shocked when the ball not only went straight off the tee but then onto the green and dropped in the hole! The rest of the day wasn’t as lucky as the first hole for Hall and although the foursome didn’t finish in the top groups for the golf tournament, Hall will be sure to remember this memorable moment in his first round of golf.

Hall’s story proves that hole in ones are attainable no matter the skill of the golfer. The only thing that would have made that day even more memorable for Hall was if he had made that ace for a grand prize Hawaiian Golf Vacation covered by US Hole In One. US Hole In One offers a variety of grand prize options to make your golf tournament fun and exciting for all golfers. Remember insurance for your hole in one grand prize can start at as little as $180!

October 09, 2008

Other Golf Contest Ideas: Million Dollar Shootouts and Putting Contests

Cars and motorcycles aren't the only prizes that can be offered. More and more outings are offering a chance to win the grand prize of all grand prizes: $1,000,000. What makes the $1 Million Shootout unique however, is the way many event planners are setting up the contest. "Since million-dollar shots are rather pricey," says Eric Gordon, an event planner based in San Diego, CA, "I find my budget will only allow for one attempt at the grand prize. When that's the case, you can be so creative when it comes to deciding who gets the single attempt. If it's a charity event, auctioning off the shot is a lot of fun. And if it's a corporate outing, even a closest-to-the-pin contest gets the job done."

Putting contests are also an easy way to inject some excitement into your golf event. Many insurance brokers offer 40 or 50 foot putts for any prize value. The added benefit of putting contests is that they can be done in a raffle setting as well which can help generate more funds for the group. US Hole In One is currently running a promotion on it's putting contests. Tournament directors who purchase hole in one coverage from us and want to add on a putting contest can do so at a discounted rate up to 25% off the standard putting contest rate!

When it comes to contest insurance, event planners can expect a lot of added thrills at a minimal cost. The important takeaway, however, is that when buying insurance, it is important to do your homework, and make sure that you purchase a policy from a reliable firm. That way you can rest assured that when you hand out the keys to the new Porsche, the cost is really covered.

October 03, 2008

Hole In One Insurance Brokers: Who should I buy from?

The Hole In One insurance industry is booming industry with several new companies entering the market within the past couple of years. With newer outfits in the marketplace and stories of insurance companies not properly licensed or refusing to pay up, it is important to do your homework when choosing your provider. It pays to check a firm's record by looking for complaints against the company at your local Better Business Bureau. Also be sure to ask which insurance company the policy is written with, and what their A.M. Best Co. rating is. Any hole in one insurance company should be able to provide you with that information upon request.

Despite all of this, US Hole In One offers this consolation: 99% of the time, when there is a refusal to pay out, it is because someone didn't read the terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract is for a $10,000 prize on hole #14 and someone makes a hole-in-one on hole #3, nobody wins the $10,000. That being said; make sure you read and understand all of the terms and conditions of the contract before signing. The last thing you want to have happen at your event is to have a hole in one and not get paid out because you failed to read the contract and follow the rules.