September 22, 2008

Tiger Who? Ryder Cup Wrap-Up...

Who needs Tiger Woods, anyway? The United States reclaimed the Ryder Cup on Sunday and with it erased a loosing streak extending nine years. Led by six rookies, Team USA managed to defeat Team Europe in one of the most exciting Ryder Cup Championships in recent years. The American golfers were simply too good this past weekend to be beaten.

Captain Paul Azinger and his redneck, white and blue squad were able to put together several matches that ultimately led to their 16 1/2 to 11 1/2 vistory. Anthony Kim whipped Sergeo Garcia in the first singles match of the day on Sunday recording ten threes and going seven under after 14 holes. His performance was extraordinary and set the tone for the day. Boo Weekley beat Oliver Wilson, 4 and 2. Weekley managed to get to 8 under par for the round which was just too much for Wilson. J. B. Holmes beat Soren Hansen, 2 and 1 in what turned out to be a crucial match. Hansen led through 10 holes but Holmes's big hitting proved crucial over the final few holes. In one of the more entertaining matches of the day Jim Furyk beat Miguel Ángel Jiménez, 2 and 1. This was the match that ultimately ended the competition.

So the story this year at the Ryder Cup was not only the fact that Team USA prevailed but that they were able to do it in such a decisive manner. Sometimes labeled as a group of redneck rookies, the American golfers where able to go one on one with their European conterparts and beat them handidly. It was truly a team effort with many magical individual moments. Despite not seeing any holes in one, this past weekends golf action was certainly exciting!

September 12, 2008

Free Golf Club for Each Golfer In Your Event!

US Hole In One has changed providers for the free golf club program. When you sign up with US Hole In One for your next hole in one, putting or shootout contest we will send you a free golf club certificate for each golfer in your event. As the tournament organizer, you simply hand out these certificates or place them in your golfers’ goodie bags. The program allows the individual golfer to redeem the certificate for their choice of a hybrid club or wedge from Warrior Golf!

Having played both of these clubs I can honestly say that these clubs will help improve your game (at least they helped mine!). In order to redeem the certificate your golfer can go online ( or fax the request to 949-699-2455. The golfer is simply responsible for the shipping and handling fee which applies to each club. The 20 degree hybrid club has a shipping and handling fee of $23.50 and the 60 degree wedge has a shipping and handling fee of $11.85. Both clubs can be secured for a $29.95 shipping and handling fee.

We have found this program to be highly successful for tournament directors. You have already increased the appeal of your tournament by adding hole in one insurance and now this golf club offer will help to sell your tournament that much more!

September 08, 2008

Best Irons on the Market

We all know that a bad carpenter blames his tools but when it comes to golf, technology helps a lot. Nowadays manufacturers are actually making irons that are designed to help high handicappers hit the ball higher, straighter and further. Here is a short list of some game-improvement irons:
1. Adams Idea a3 OS.
2. Cobra S 9
3. Mizuno MX-950
4. Taylor Made r7 CGB Max

These clubs have an offset design and more forgiving heads than the irons that tour players use. The weight is shifted to the back of the clubhead and this in turn lowers the center of gravity. A lower center of gravity makes the clubface more stable at impact. That way the player doesn’t lose a lot of distance on his or her mishits. We, at US Hole In One, strongly encourage high handicappers to try these clubs. Ultimately, if they do try them, they will hit more greens and you know what that means. They’ll increase their odds of getting that elusive first hole in one.

Speaking of hole in ones, Fredrick Jacobson, also known as Houdini by his peers for his ability to recover from errant tee shots, holed out on the 17th hole of this year’s PGA Championship. A perfectly struck 4 iron from 193 yards was the main shot on the highlight reel until the epic finish by Padraig Harrington replaced it. Padraig Harrington now has three majors and has definitely earned a place in the Golf Hall of Fame. Good stuff Padraig! Keep it least until the big guy comes back.