August 27, 2008

Some Interesting Golf Quotes!

This time US Hole In One will be hitting you with a list of our favorite quotes from the legends of the game and other individuals. Some of these quotes even extend out of the realm of golf in the way that they are life lessons.

Our first quote comes from the black knight himself, Gary Player. Instead of using the clichéd quote where he said that the more he practises the luckier he gets we will use a lesser known one. Gary Player once said that, “We create success or failure on the course primarily by our thoughts.” In life pessimism often leads to less than desirable outcomes. The power of positive thinking is immensely underrated and is an essential tool in overcoming all forms of adversity.

On the less philosophical side of things Jack Nicklaus clearly stated that, “Golf is a game of precision, not strength.” Long Drives help a lot but they are not everything. This is evident on today’ professional circuit which has long hitters like JB Holmes and Bubba Watson. They hit the ball a mile but they haven’t won any majors. Players like Justin Leonard and Corey Pavin who are shorter hitters have validated Jack’s point. Both have won majors.

For the beginners out there we ask you this question: Why do you think the pro tells you to keep your head down? Well Phyllis Diller, the entertainer, claims that “the reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing,” but yet again he’s just an entertainer.

We conclude this segment of our blog with some wise words from Arnold Palmer. He urges us to “always make a total effort, even when the odds are against us.” Why? After all the chances of success in those situations seems to be zero. Well, he also said that “the most rewarding things we do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. US Hole In One believes this and we hope that this inspires you to go out and do great things!

August 19, 2008

Hole In Ones by Legends of the Game

Even though these hole in ones didn’t make our previous list (Top 5 Pro tour Aces), the players who made them will always be remembered as legends of the game.

This time we, at US Hole In One, will start with Lee Trevino. Known for being down to earth and borderline talkative, Mr. Trevino was always fan favorite. In the 1987 Skins Game he holed out on the 17th hole at PGA west. With that he won five skins and $175 000 which was pretty substantial at that time.

Next is Paul Azinger, who is better known as “Zinger.” In the 1988 PGA Championship he handled all 202 yards of the fourth hole at Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmond, Oklahoma with just a 6 iron. He wanted to hit a 7 iron but his caddy coaxed him into hitting a six. Good move!

The people’s champ Arnold Palmer holed out on the third hole at the TPC at Avenel in 1986. The only downside was that there weren’t many witnesses. A camera crew came the next day and Palmer promptly told them that that they were late. Actually they weren’t as Arnie then teed it up and made another ace. With that he proved that lightning can strike twice.

The best part of this is that there will be more of these spectacular holes in one in the years to come. The pool of talent is increasing as more players make their way onto the PGA and European PGA tours

August 15, 2008

Some Interesting Par 3's from all Over the World!

There are numerous par 3’s all over the world that don’t get the coverage that the ones on tour get. These would be the ones that average Joes play on a weekly basis. Anyone can play and enjoy golf.

Our first par 3 takes us to the Far East. The city of Nagoya in Japan boasts having the immaculate Chukyo Golf Club which is a regular venue for the Junior World Championship. It took premier engineering and golf course design to create this mountain course. Number 11 is a 158 yard par 3 which plays severely downhill. The dramatic elevation change makes this hole fun and challenges the golfer to pick the correct club. What makes this hole unique is that you have to take a mall-type escalator to get to the tee box.

Leopard Rock Country Club, in Zimbabwe is our next destination. In the country’s prime this location was recognized as one of the “finest golf resorts in the world’ by the PGA of Europe. Number 17 is a mid length par 3. This hole has a panoramic view of the majestic Vumba Mountains that are a main feature of the area. The lucky few who get to play this hole are routinely left in awe by the breathtaking scenery.

The last of our 3 featured par threes can be found in Arizona. The 10th hole at the Sedona Resort is “one of the most photographed holes in the western United States.” The red rock views and the azure sky are as good as it gets.

We sincerely hope that you appreciate US Hole In One’s taste in par 3s and that this article encourages you to go out there and tee it up. One more thing; If you’re gonna tee it up in a tournament make sure that the tournament director chose US Hole In One as the hole in one insurance provider. If so, it could be your lucky day!

August 12, 2008

Vijay Singh returns to form by winning the World Golf Championship

Last weekend Vijay Singh managed to seal the deal in Akron, Ohio. A shaky putter prevented him from creating a comfortable cushion from the rest of the field. At one point in the final round one of the announcers mentioned that Vijay had only made 8 of 18 putts between 8 and 4 feet. Ultimately this less than mediocre putting stat didn’t stop Vijay from making the most important putt of all: a four footer to win.

Singh has recently made some swing changes and has been out of form. This is always expected as players who change their swings always need some time to adjust to their new motion. This is his first World Golf Championship and a fair reward for his hard work and perseverance. This puts him in good shape for this week’s PGA Championship. All he needs to do is groove his putting stroke to be a contender.

US Hole In One, and hopefully all you golfers out there, will be paying close attention to this year’s final major. The PGA Championship will be played at Oakland Hills golf course in Michigan. This course has always been a handful and on top of that several of the holes have been lengthened. The overall length of the South Course increased from 7,099 to 7,446 yards! Severely sloping greens will encourage 3 putts and the thick rough will cause a lot of dropped shots. Once again it will be interesting to see how the world’s best will play. Keep a close eye and you might even see a hole in one.

August 08, 2008

Hole In One's in the News!

Trust US Hole In One to keep you posted on the latest news in the hole in one world. A couple of days ago an eleven year old got his first ace in just his third time playing golf. He used a driver on a 150 yard par 3 on the Mundan Municipal Golf Course in North Dakota. He was playing with one of his buddies who also saw the ball go in the hole. Being as young and as innocent as they are they were completely oblivious to the significance of the sixth grader’s feat. According to the club pro he didn’t think they thought it was a big deal. He went on to say that it was impressive that the youngster was able to drive the ball to the green, even from the women's tee box. Kids these days!

Next on our radar is a 66 year old golfer who gives hope to all those who haven’t got a hole in one yet. About two week ago Bob Hickey was aceless up until he struck a seven iron into the hole on the 10th hole of a course in Gaylord Michigan. The story doesn’t even stop there. A couple of holes later he holed out on the 17th hole with an 8 iron. Talk about backing his prior success up. Nothing but a fluke? You tell us. With that he smashed the odds of getting two holes in one in the same round which are approximately 67 million to one according to US Hole In One. Piece of cake right.

August 05, 2008

Playing Par 3’s Effectively

Golf truly is an interesting game. In golf you can make a good swing and not end up with the desired results, especially on par 3s. Golf is fascinating in the way that the technical aspect of a golf swing is an important ingredient in playing well however without considering other factors, one’s technique is insufficient for success.

No matter how good our swing is we must size up other factors like the wind, the green’s receptiveness and any hazards that threaten our score. Take note that before we can examine these factors, we need to enter the shot with a clear mindset. This means that our thoughts and feelings are focused on the present and not on something like the short putt that we might have missed on the last hole.

Now that we are on the tee and thinking clearly we can start by examining the wind. Pluck some grass and toss it into the air. As we all know the direction in which it moves will indicate the wind’s direction and ultimately the club needed for that distance. This time we will imagine that the pin is on the right as well as an unwelcome lake!

The next step is one that many golfers fail to execute properly. Average golfers routinely fail to realize that some tee boxes actually align us in the wrong direction. US Hole in One and many instructors advise us to pick an intermediate target between our ball and our target. That way we can align ourselves correctly. Here our target would be left of the pin. Now we are ready to tee the ball.

In this case, for both a right and left-hander, it would help a lot if we teed it up on the left side of the tee box. That way if we push or pull the shot ever so slightly our ball will still be dry. By now we’ve thoroughly examined the shot at hand and all that remains is the execution of our master plan. As we approach the ball we should trust our swing and more importantly feel confident in our well-planned decision. Before we know it the ball is on its way just like we visualized it. We probably won’t get a hole in one but a par or even a birdie on any par 3 that is guarded by water is never a bad score. The goal of this strategy is to purge the big and unnecessary numbers that golfers make on intimidating par 3’s whether it’s a double bogey or worse. Nothing would make US Hole In One happier than to see everyone fulfill their golfing potential!