January 11, 2008

You finally made a Hole In One! Who cares?

So you finally got a hole in one, huh? And though your celebratory scream may have been heard for miles, only you and your partner saw the shot, so what? You have a story to tell your friends and family for years to come but that's it. What greater recognition could there be than seeing your name in the bright lights of the PGA's website. That's just it, you can do this. You may not be Tiger Woods (who made his first hole in one when he was 6 and has a total of 18 to date) but at least the next time you tell your story and someone doubts you, you can tell them, "Go to PGA.com!"

It really is that easy. Once you get to the PGA's website all you have to do is submit the name of the course and the date of your hole in one along with your contact information. Once the PGA verifies your fantastic achievement with the club professional your name will appear in lights! As an added bonus, you will also receive a commemorative certificate from The PGA of America.