July 10, 2009

Near Blind Man Hits Hole In One

Have you ever hit a hole in one? Walter Dietz did, on his first day back to golfing after taking time off to have a family and to start a career. In that time, he also started to lose his eyesight. That was 30 years ago. At the time, Dietz left the game because his eyesight was getting poorer, but then, he went to the Acacia Country Club in Lyndhurst, Ohio to watch the United States Blind Golfers Association national tournament.

Currently, Mr. Dietz is one of the nation's top visually impaired golfers. He is 76 years old and is one of 14 players to qualify nationally to play the Corcoran Cup. This tournament is considered to be the same stature of the Masters but for those playing blind golf. Blind golf is quite interesting and hitting a hole in one would be considered a rare feet.

Attending the USBGA tournament was an inspiration to Dietz. He knew that if others could do it, then he too could do it. Therefore, he did with the help of a sight coach. When he first decided to go back to playing golf after all of those years off, remarkably, his skill was still there. On his first day back, he made a hole in one on the seventh hole at Manakiki Golf Course in Willoughby Hills.

While we talk a lot about hole in one insurance coverage, it is nice to point out that anyone can get onto the greens and fairways and hit the hole in one. At 76, Mr. Dietz is still playing golf and is a member of several local golf leagues.