July 24, 2009

Hole In One News!

Ed Platzer has to be one of the luckiest or most skilled par 3 players out there. Recently the Ohio native achieved a truly special feat. When it comes to hitting a hole in one we at US Hole In One always praise the person who gets the ace or even multiple aces, but this time it’s different. We promise!

Ed Platzer is from Bowling Green, Ohio. According to an article on wdtn.com, Mr. Platzer knocked in a left-handed hole-in-one last month, 15 years after he hit a right-handed hole-in-one. Platzer goes on to say that he's a natural lefty but learned to play right-handed when he couldn't find any left-handed clubs. What’s even more interesting is that he started hitting from the other side four years ago when he bought some left-handed clubs.

In one of our previous US Hole In One blogs we introduced our readers to The United States Golf Register. This association is responsible for recording all holes in ones that are made in America, and it says that it couldn't find anyone who has matched the Bowling Green man's achievement in its database. Its database is 13 years old. We told you this was a special golf event!

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