April 06, 2007

Playing by the Rules: Witness Requirements

"Where is the best place to have the witness view the winning shot?"

Not everyone has the luxury of having network television broadcasting their golf tournament; with filmed evidence of a hole in one being made. Conseuqently, what is a golf tournament organizer to do when they're running a hole in one contest and need to abide by witness requirements?

At US Hole In One, we're frequently asked about the ideal location to place a hole in one contest witness. The easy answer: any place where the witness can see both the teeing ground and the hole. Many events place the witness either at the tee box (where they are out of harm's way and safe from incoming golf shots) or have them situated near the green (sometimes, even with a hard, construction helmet): both are acceptable. The key to proper witness placement for a hole in one contest is merely that the contest witness has a clear, unobstructed view of each golfer striking their shot from the tee box, and of the golf ball making its way all the way into the hole. As long as the witness can see these things happening for every golfer, they can be anywhere on the golf course.

If your course has a unique hole with a blind tee shot of some kind, we recommend having two witnesses for the hole to make sure that you have at least have one witness who saw the golfer tee off, and one witnessing the ball going into the cup. Remember, if a hole in one occurs without the verifiable presence of witnesses as stated in the terms and conditions of the application, your hole in one insurance provider will have no obligation to pay the prize value, or any portion thereof, to the client. One other caveat, all liability for the safety of the witnesses is usually borne by you, the Client; and not your coverage provider.