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What Should You Do After Making A Hole-In-One?

Sunday, August 8, 2021

At first, this par 3 feels no different than any other. You pull out your rangefinder and check the yardage. Toss a little grass in the air to see if there is a breeze. Select your club and tee up your ball. Make your swing and watch the ball fly through the air. That’s when it happens. Something changes. Your ball lands on the green and rolls into the hole. This is no longer just another par 3. This is a hole you will remember and will be talking about, for the rest of your life.

You just made a hole-in-one!!! Now what?

Run Around Acting Crazy

Hole-in-ones are rare – you could play golf your entire life and never make one, so if you do, you need to go crazy. There is no wrong way to celebrate. Toss your club in the air. Fist bump your buddies. Let out a scream. Run to the green like “young Sergio” in the PGA Championship. Enjoy the moment.

Save Everything

Immediately remove the golf ball from the hole and place it in your pocket. Do not hit it off the next tee – in fact, this ball should never be hit again. If you can find it, save the tee you used to hit the shot. After the round, keep the scorecard. It doesn’t matter if you shot a 125, it will still have that sweet looking “1”. Order a plaque to commemorate your shot and hang it on the wall. Your new favorite story to tell will be your “hole-in-one story” and the plaque will give visitors to your home a reason to ask about it!

Pick Up the Bar Tab

This is the one tradition that seems strange to people new to the game of golf, but etiquette requires the person who made the hole-in-one to buy everyone else drinks. We aren’t just talking about the players in your group, but really anyone at the golf course that day. The best way to handle it – hang out in the 19th hole following your round for an hour or two and offer everyone who walks in a beer. Yes, it might cost you a couple hundred dollars, but it will be part of this awesome memory.

Make Sure You Get Some Press for Your Accomplishment

Local newspapers list hole-in-ones every day. Tell the club professional at the course about your hole-in-one, providing all of details (club, yardage, playing partners, etc.) and get ready to see your name in the paper. Most state golf associations also recognize this achievement with a certificate or a bag tag. When you get home do a quick “Google search” to find out about your area. The cool thing is that other people will see your accomplishment and congratulate you for weeks to come!

Wow – what an awesome day on the course. You made a hole-in-one. You ran around like a crazy person, saved your golf ball, tee, and scorecard and bought drinks for all your friends. Your name will be in the newspaper tomorrow. Now what? Go try to make another “one”.

4th of July: 4 Ideas To Incorporate In Your Golf Tournament

Sunday, June 20, 2021

The 4th of July is all about celebrating our country and playing in a golf tournament can be an awesome way to enjoy the day and take pride in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The challenge for tournament directors: how do you make your event stand out from the pack?

We can help. We have highlighted below 4 ideas to make your event memorable and ensure you have a full field of participants.

Best Dressed

You want your tournament to feel festive and patriotic. Get your golfers to help you create a fun environment for your event. On your entry form announce a prize for the best dressed team. You will be amazed by the creativity of your players. There will be wild outfits and decorated golf carts.

The only challenge will be judging the winner. 

Patriotic Prizes & Gift Bag

Make sure your July 4th theme flows through your prizes and gift bags. For you gift bags include small trinkets with plenty of patriotic flair. A fun idea is to give each player a pack of sparklers – we would say small fireworks, but this might get out of hand once your golfers have a few cold beverages.

When it comes to prizes, just add a little something to make them stand out. For example, if you want to give away a dozen golf balls for closest to the pin, make sure they are customized with an American flag. It’s the little things that will make your event memorable.

Don’t forget to add a hole-in-one or shootout prize to your event. A million-dollar prize sure sounds like the American dream! With hole-in-one insurance it can be very inexpensive to add this to your event and get your golfers excited about making a life-changing shot.

Red, White, and Blue Format

Everyone loves to play Captain’s Choice, but how do you tweak your format to make it unique? We love the “Red, White, and Blue” format. Most golf courses have red tees, white tees, and blue tees. In this format every team plays 6 holes from the red tees, 6 holes from the white tees, and 6 holes from the blue tees.

Not only is this a fun way for your players to hit shots that they don’t normally try, it also adds some strategy to the event. Each team gets to pick where they play their 6 tees of each color. When do they choose to go forward to the “reds”? When do they go back to the “blue”?

Give Back – Support a Veteran Organization

The 4th of July is a great time to thank our troops who defend our country. Make your event about more than just playing a round of golf. Commit a portion of the proceeds from the event to your favorite veteran organization or charity. Give your players a way to donate as well.

Play in a fun event. Win some great prizes. Support the people that defend our freedoms. Who wouldn’t sign-up for this tournament?

How To Use Our Online Application App

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Here at US Hole In One we pride ourselves in creating a streamlined purchasing process for our customers. We try to make the process of getting hole in one insurance simple and painless so tournament directors have more time to focus on their tournament and golfers. As easy as it is to fill out our application, we want to outline the process from quote to completion.

Step 1: Get A Quote Online

There are two ways to receive a quote with US Hole In One.

Online Instant Quote Calculator
As soon as you type in our web address, you’ll see our online price quote displayed on our home page. With a few clicks and information, you’ll receive a quote in minutes. We will need to know the following about your tournament:

Once you click the orange “Get Quote” button, you’ll instantly see your Hole In One Certificate Fee displayed. Along with your blank application ready to be filled out.

Get A Quote Over The Phone
If you would rather talk to someone live you can always call us at 888-882-5440 and talk to a tournament consultant that will walk you through the process as well as email you the pricing information and application.

Step 2: Fill Out The Application

After you agree with the quote, you can then start completing the 7-section online application. If you submitted the online quote calculator, your application will be displayed automatically. If you received a quote over the phone, the application link can be found in the body of the email. Once you open the link, you can view, edit and purchase the policy through the online application. To help you understand each section of the application, we’ve created an overview below:

Section 1 – Hole In One Contest Details & Contact Information
This section will display details from your quote about your hole in one contest. You’ll also be asked for your contact information.

Section 2 – Putting, Shootout & Dice Roll Contest Coverage
In this section you’ll be able to indicate if you would like an add-on contest or not. Choose a putting, shootout or dice roll contest. You can also purchase more than one contest as well.

Section 3 – Prize Package Options
As this section describes, all hole in one policies come with FREE standard bonus hole in one prizes for all of the other par 3 holes on the course, over 130 yards. So you can decide if you would like these signs included and how many. You can upgrade to the premium bonus prizes for a $45 fee.

Section 4 – Tournament & Golf Course Information
Fill in your tournament and golf course information which include its name, city and state.

Section 5 – Contact & Shipping Information
You’ll see the contact information that you filled out in section 1 on the right side and the left side will be black to fill in the shipping information.

Section 6 – Certificate Terms & Conditions
In this section you’ll be able to read and accept the terms and conditions that make up your policy. You want to make sure that you take the time to carefully read.

Section 7 – Payment Information (Checkout)
In this section you indicate payment information by entering your credit card information. You will also be asked to sign off that you agree with the terms and conditions. Once you hit ‘Purchase coverage’, a box will pop up giving you access to download your Certificate of Participation. You application is submitted!

Step 3: What’s Next?

How I know that I am covered.

Certificate Of Participation
After a client completes their application and then submits it to US Hole in One, the next question is always “how do I know if I’m covered?” We have a very quick turnaround time of processing applications and sending out signage. A customer’s proof of hole in one insurance with our company is found in what we call the Certificate of Participation.

After all the information is correctly submitted in our system and you pressed ‘Purchase Coverage’, you will receive an email with the Certificate of Participation. A Certificate of Participation is a document that is two pages long that show the customers proof of coverage and outline the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about the application or quote process, do not hesitate to give us a call today at 888-882-5440 or email us at We are more than happy to answer all and any questions you may have.

1 Million Reasons to Hold A Shootout Contest

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Did you know that one of the best ways to raise money for your favorite charity or youth sports league is to host a golf tournament? For a small fee, most public golf courses will allow you to host an event and you can charge between $400 – $750 per 4-person team.

The key to your event being a success is attracting many golfers – the more golfers playing, the better. What can you offer that would get their attention? Food and drinks? Sure. Prizes for the winners? Definitely. What if you offered them a chance to win 1 million dollars? That might get their attention. Give your players the ability to support their community and a chance to win some serious money. What golfer would pass up on that chance? All they must do is make a Hole-in-One!

As a golf tournament director how great would your flyers and emails look with the following statement? Make a hole-in-one during our event and win 1 Million Dollars.

Sure, it sounds great, but you can’t afford to pay out that prize. It would bankrupt you and your organization. Here is the key – you don’t have to! Do you know how hard it is to make a hole-in-one? The odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1. That being said, it is still a gamble – you don’t want to promise your players a prize you can’t pay.

If only there was a way to offer this type of eye-catching prize without assuming the financial risk. We have the answer. Did you know that for a small fee your tournament can purchase Hole-In-One insurance? Basically, your tournament pays a small price to be able to offer the prize and if someone wins it, the insurance company is responsible for paying out the cash. Pretty cool.

The cost of the Hole-in-One insurance will vary based on several factors. How many players will participate in the shootout contest? Some tournament directors randomly select (via raffle) a couple of players that get a chance to make a shot from 165 yards after the tournament, while others may decide to put the “big” prize on a par 3 and let the entire field take a shot as they play their round. Obviously, the more players that get the chance, the higher the price of the insurance.

Still not sure it is worth it? Let’s assume you are charging $500 per 4-person team for your tournament. Do you think offering a million-dollar shootout prize will attract at least two additional teams? If it does, you have already covered the cost of most hole-in-one insurance. Do you run a tournament every year? If so, this type of prize will add excitement to your event that will bring teams back year after year.

You might have noticed we didn’t literally provide a million reasons, but you really only need one. Include a million-dollar shootout in your next tournament to enhance the golfer experience. You will gain more entries, raise more money, and your players will have a memory they will be talking about for years. “Remember that time I had a chance to make a 7-iron for $1,000,000?”.

Five Things Great Golfers Do Differently

Friday, February 19, 2021

Spring is coming! The April trip to Augusta National for the Masters is less than 2 months away. In other words, a new golf season is quickly approaching. Seems like a good time to ask – what separates elite players from weekend warriors? 

No – the answer isn’t they hit the ball better. Well, they do, but that isn’t the point. What is different about their approach to the game? What can we learn from them that will help us improve? We have identified five things that you can implement and make this golf season better than the last. 

1. Practice with Purpose – the first step to improve is to practice but standing on the driving range and rapid firing drivers isn’t the answer. Elite players have a plan when they spend time refining their game. Two things to keep in mind. First, spend at least half of your practice time working on your short game. Pitching, chipping, and putting. Professionals call this the “scoring zone” and your investment here will lower your scores. Second, use the same routine when you practice. Give each range ball thought. Pick an aiming point and focus on executing the shot. Pretend you are on the course. 

2. Consistent Pre-Shot Routine – do you have the same routine for every shot you hit? If not, you should give it a try. Pace of play is important, so we recommend something simple. For example, stand behind the ball and visualize the shot, step in, and take one practice swing, and pull the trigger. Do these same three steps for every shot. Your’e putting routine can be different, but that should be the only exception. 

3. Manage Risk vs. Reward – most amateur golfers lose strokes simply by making poor course management decisions. You don’t need to hit driver on every hole. You don’t have to try the hero shot. A good way to determine if you have a risk vs. reward issue – how many times in a round do you make more than bogey? Play smart and eliminate those high numbers. 

4. Can You Play Your Miss? A common misnomer is that elite players are better because they hit perfect golf shots. This isn’t true. What truly separates them is they can “get away” with their bad shots. It doesn’t matter how many great shots you in hit in a round if your bad ones are so terrible, they ruin your scorecard. If you hit 10 perfect drivers, but the other 4 go out of bounds – not a good day. Learn your tendencies and work to reduce the impact of your bad swings. Being able to play your mis-hit shots is key. 

5. Control Your Emotions – sure, you will occasionally see an elite player act like a toddler, but they spend hours working with sports psychologists trying to improve their mental game. It is a poker term, but it applies to amateur golfers. It is easy to go “on tilt” during a round – one bad shot leads to another and frustration grows. Learn to start over, relax, and look at the next shot as an opportunity for greatness! 

You may never hit your driver 350 yards or shoot under par, but you can experience consistent improvement in your game if you work on the above. Make 2021 a banner year for your golf game! 

How To Prepare For Your Spring Golf Tournament

Monday, January 25, 2021

What’s the key to pulling off a successful golf tournament this year? It’s preparation, of course! This spring, most golfers will be eagerly returning to the course as vaccines begin to get administered and COVID restrictions loosen. Golf was one of the first sports to make a return after the gathering restrictions in the summer of 2020, so it’s no surprise that golfers are becoming more comfortable with returning to the green. They are ready to play, so you’ll want to make sure your tournament is ready as well!

Set Your Tournament Goals

First, when planning your tournament, it is important to have specific goals. You can ask your team, “How much money are we trying raise?” or “What is the main purpose of our event?” Set goals that relate to your specific event. If you don’t have big goals, try to envision the little things that you can do to improve your event from last year.

Choose & Reserve Your Course

Make sure your desired golf course is available for your intended date(s). And before you choose your course, make sure you fully review the playability of the course, as well as the extra fees and features the course includes. Some courses may provide additional amenities for your event like rental clubs or catered box lunches. With the current times we are in due to COVID, you will want to make sure you ask how they are keeping their event safe and what sanitation protocols they follow.

Find Sponsors

If you want big sponsors for big money, consider why companies should sponsor your event and what they get. Sponsors will always want to know ‘what’s in it for them.’ Develop several levels of sponsorship packages that will meet your event goals and your sponsor goals.

Prepare Marketing Ensure your marketing is ready for the spring season. Get your golfers hyped and ready by sending email marketing campaigns and social media posts. A press release can be made to target specific industries that coincide with your event for both sponsors and golfers.

Hole In One Contest

One event you can host that markets itself is a hole in one contest! More games and contests make more money and create “bragging rights” amongst golfers. By purchasing Hole In One Insurance, it covers the cost of the prize in the event of someone hitting a hole in one. This concept can also be done with a putting or shootout contest which can generate additional income for your event. Many car dealerships and travel agents view Hole In One contests as a big sponsorship opportunity so reach out to a few local businesses and see what you can find!

If this is something that you would like to include at your next event, we here at US Hole In One are more than happy to help set up and send you a quote. Whether it is your first time or tenth, US Hole In One is here to make it easy with all of your golf tournament contest needs.

Pick Your Prizes

Keychains and SWAG merch shouldn’t be the only prizes you give away to your attendees. Give away major prizes and generate additional excitement for your event like cars, watches, trips and even $1,000,000! You may think that people won’t be judging, but you’ll be judged by the gifts and prizes you give your golfers. Give them quality and things that they will use and display. There is no better way to promote your event for next year than through word of mouth. If you put sponsors logos on your gifts and prizes, they will pay for all the gifts that you need and more for the exposure.

Need more information on making sure your spring tournament is a success? Contact US Hole In One at or speak to a representative at 888‐882‐5440.

Plan A Chari-Tee Golf Tournament

Friday, June 12, 2020

Your next golf tournament can produce more than one grand prize winner! Consider benefiting a charity organization or cause to make a difference in many people’s lives! Charity golf tournaments are known to be a very lucrative fundraising strategy. They can also be intimidating and their costs can also be a little higher than your average fundraising event. It could be your first time planning a charity golf tournament or you want to find new strategies to improve your planning, budget and execution. Either way, we want to share tips to make your next tournament a success and raise money for your cause.

Pick The Right Golf Course For Your Event

Make sure you do thorough research and find a golf course that is just as excited about supporting your cause as much as you are. Don’t reach out to just one course, compare costs and services between a few different courses to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Pick The Perfect Date

This tip coincides with finding the right course. As your decision for picking a course may stem from whether courses are available. Our best advice is to be flexible. Courses may offer discounts for off-season or mid-week golf dates. You also want to find out when other golf tournaments are taking place in your area. Too many charity events could lead to low attendance and unattainable financial goals.

Determine Your Budget And Goals

How much you plan to raise effect’s how much money you need to budget. The costs of that go into meeting your goals will certainly influence your planning. Create a budget outline and that spells out goals, roles and responsibilities.

Provide Additional Contests & Activities 

Golf may be the bread and butter for your event, but it’s always important to look at different ways to raise money. Have you considered including fundraising ideas and contests. They add excitement to your golf fundraiser by giving golfers an opportunity to win money and prizes.

Here are some ideas:

  • Mulligan Packages. 
  • Fundraising Raffle.
  • Silent Auction
  • Hole In One Contest
  • Cash-Bar Golf Cart
  • Helicopter Ball Drops

Provide A Variety Of Sponsorship Opportunities

Not every sponsor wants to contribute in the same way. Be flexible with your sponsorship packages. Give your sponsors a variety of options to get involved in your charity golf tournament. Some sponsors may want to sponsor the entire event, others might want to be a food or prize sponsor. By broadening your options, you’ll have tons of opportunities to reel sponsors into your event. 

Make Sure Sponsors Are Marketed & Branded

Ensure all sponsorships are well represented at your event. This includes signage, cart magnets, logo inclusion on printed materials, thank you’s, and more. 

Hire A Photographer

Hire an on-site photographer to take pictures at the event. For those that wish they could have made it to the event, photos will be a great post-event recap on your social media, website and newsletter. It can also create more of a pull for registrations for the next event since people can see in the photos how successful the event was. 

Establish A Cancellation Policy

An event can get cancelled for many reasons outside of your control. One of the main reasons an event is cancelled is due to weather. Inclement weather can heavily impact your tournament with high winds, rain, snow, and/or lightning. Weather insurance can be a great safety net to protect your investment. Our sister company US Weather insurance can provide coverage for your next tournament. Visit their website for a free quote.

Whether you are planning a small or large event, we hope that this content has helped you get started organizing your charity golf tournament. Good luck!

Get Back To The Swing Of Things

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Swinging a golf club isn’t natural, and neither is getting adjusted to a world post pandemic. Adjusting to the new normal is hard for everyone. With some states slowly relieving stay at home orders, golfers are headed back to the green to brush up on their skills. It may seem like a cause fore celebration, but it’s not a transition that not everyone may be ready for. For those golfers anxious to practice at a place other than their living room, we want to share some tips to make the transition easier. 

Handle Your Emotions

Taking a break from golf for an extended period of time can make you feel a series of emotions. You may be excited to finally play again. Or you may feel insecure of your skills after not picking up a club for months. Change your mental game and your golf game will follow. Before returning, take some time to mentally prepare by reading a few books, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. 

Don’t Expect To Be The Best Golfer

There are no guarantees that your game will be in peak position when you return – just accept it. Don’t make it a goal to make a hole in one your first day returning. But make it a goal to make progress day by day. Golf is a game after all, so just have fun. Just being outside should be rewarding with our current situation.

Create A Workout Routine

Regardless of what critics may believe, golfers use a lot of muscle. Making sure that you workout before playing again is needed to ensure you avoid possible injuries. Create at-home-drills and do it consistently for a few days to loosen up your muscles. 

Practice Your Short Swing, Then Go Long

You will be rusty on your swing fundamentals. Start with smaller swings on the putting green. Make 5 consecutive putts at 20 feet. Once you are able to do 5, move on to 5 consecutive putts at 30 feet. Keep going, by lengthening your putts at each level. Once you’re done with your short game, work on your long strokes on the range. To start, use short wedges, then slowly level up to the full wedges. 

Be Prepared For Modified Play & Rules

Remember that you have to maintain your safety and the safety of others while at the golf course. This means that you have to follow course rules and CDC health and safety guidelines . These protocols differ from state to state so make sure to go to your states golf association website to see their guidelines.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and that you’ll utilize it once returning to the course. Remember to have fun and enjoy just being on the course again.

Golfing Precautions To Practice When Returning To The Green

Friday, May 15, 2020

Golfers are used to following rules. As the rules of golf can change pretty frequently in comparison to other sports. But with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, golfers will have to follow health and safety guidelines while golfing at their local course. If golfers don’t comply, they will be removed from the course without a refund in some cases. But even worse, they run the possibility of putting themselves, friends, family and fellow golfers at risk.

There is no one general guide to follow when it comes to golfing during these uncertain times as the guidelines set in place vary from state to state. For example, New York is officially banning golf carts on the courses due to coronavirus, but will now allow carts for individuals with disabilities. Some states are less strict and are able to play close or as close to how they used to play before. 

However, simple practices like the ones listed below can help maintain your safety and the safety of others while on (and possibly off) the course:

  1. Avoid using a cart. Some courses may ban it all-together. Even though courses sanitize the carts, it’s just safer to not use one. A walk around the course would be the better option.
  2. Wear golf gloves. (I think we all know why)
  3. Food and liquor services in clubhouses may be limited with no sit-down dining. If possible take to-go orders only or eat at home before or after you play.
  4. Golf is already a social-distancing friendly sport. As you would definitely want to stay away from other golfers who are about to swing. But in general, stay six feet away from other golfers and employees when possible. 
  5. Be prompt. Arrive at the course just minutes before your tee time and leave directly after your round. No need to linger and socialize.
  6. Wear a face covering.

All of these new practices are not a fun addition to your game. But when it’s time to pull out a club, the game of golf is the same. The sport will eventually be played like before, but for now, we must all adjust temporarily for our safety and health. 

To see your states golf guidelines, visit your states golf association website.

What Makes A Great Tournament Grand Prize?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Are there ingredients that up a great tournament grand prize? Unlike making a soufflé or a beef wellington, the ingredients that make up a grand prize are pretty simple. We share our ingredients for a successful grand prize below. And don’t worry, no measuring cups or a baking sheet are needed.

Add A Dash Of Opulence

An over-the-top element like a luxury car or an expensive trip will get more golfers impelled to participate. But you don’t have to spend a lot to give away a huge prize. Before you select your prize, it’s a good idea to establish your financial projections for your event. If your budget allows you to give away a sports car, why not? But the luxury of getting hole in one insurance allows you to give away top prizes while only paying a small amount for coverage.

Presentation Matters!

Don’t just tell your golfers what you are giving away, but show them! Adding signage to your green can add more excitement to not only your golfers but sponsors as well. A sponsor wants recognition, and a sign with their logo or name next to the grand prize can definitely give them the exposure that they paid for. With US Hole In One, we offer full-color contest signs for your grand prize signs! 

Reasons For Failure

After you put all of these ingredients together, there is still a chance that your recipe for a successful grand prize can fail.There are a few reasons why. One reason could be marketing. Not doing enough means that golfers are not alerted about your tournament and all its perks. Another reason is the kind of marketing you are doing. Effectively, marketing needs to target golfers and in the right way. And this means understanding your golfers inside and out. If your golfers are not the kind of golfers to want elaborate trips and shiny things, you can offer them golfing equipment instead. Both, not marketing enough and properly, can spell disaster for a tournament and so getting it right is an important ingredient of success.

When it comes to grand prizes, you don’t have to think too hard about what to offer your golfers. US Hole In One offers grand prizes that range from golf vacations to a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. You can find more of the grand prizes we offer here.

If none of our prizes excite you, we can cover any prize you can dream up! We now offer a $2,000 Customize Your Own Prize package as well. If you have a unique prize you would like to offer at your golf tournament, we’ve got you covered! We can insure anything from concert and sporting event tickets to vehicles and vacation packages. Minimum prize value of $2,000.