Golf Tech: SmartGolf’s Smart Putter

Friday, August 3, 2018

Just like other sports, golf has seen a recent surge in technological based products. Some products improve your game, by helping with your swing, distance or posture. The SmartGolf’s Smart Putter trains laser-precision into your putting stroke using an actual laser and Bluetooth technology.

Although the concept for the Smart Putter is simple, the technology is more complex. Basically, the Smart Putter is a face-balanced mallet putter with a laser-pointer embedded in the face. Practice with the Smart Putter entails addressing the ball with the laser shining dead-center at the back of the ball, and making a natural putting stroke. An array of lights on the top of the putter head also tells you if the head is tilted too far back, forward, toe-up, or toe-down.

Other features for the Smart Putter are as follows:

  • Face-balanced mallet type putter
  • Length : 35 inches (88.9cm)
  • Weight – Head 0.846 pounds (384 grams), Total 1.33 pounds(605 grams)
  • 3 degrees of loft with 72 degrees of lie
  • Shaft & Grip is made by a South Korean Pro. Club maker ‘Ahwa”- use on the course/green
  • LED level indicator / Laser aiming system – level/square stroke
  • Bluetooth stroke data transmitter – effective analysis anywhere anytime

The Smart Putter even goes a step further by including integration with the SmartGolf app. You can download the SmartGolf app, and the Smart Putter will transmit stroke data to your phone to keep track of your tendencies, progress, and changes over time. There’s even a virtual green on the app you can play a game on.

To buy and try one of these putters for yourself, go to SmartGolf’s website here.


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