Why Your Golf Tournament Has Been Unsuccessful

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We don’t mean to be rude, but let’s be honest – a golf tournament can be a hit or miss easily if you don’t have the right components. In other words, your tournament can suck. At US Hole In One, we have a strong track record for making sure tournaments are done the right way. So it’s easy for us to figure out why and where your tournament went wrong. We have broken down a few factors into making sure that your next tournament can be a success all without breaking your bank!

Reason #1: Uneventful Grand Prize Options
Everyone needs some motivation. If you have a hole-in-one tournament with the grand prize set at a gift card to McDonald’s then this is an obvious sign that your tournament is in dier need of help! Golfers want to be motivated to play and motivated to win. Having real top prizes like a Hawaiian Golf Vacation, Boston Whaler Fishing Boat or Ford F-150 XLT Pickup Truck will give your tournament the proper boost it needs. Some benefits will be an increase in your registration rate and an increase in excitement! To see more grand prize recommendations please visit: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/hole-in-one-insurance-prizes.html You’ll find the right grand prize and secondary prizes for your tournament!

Reason #2: Player Intimidation
If you have an outstanding number of pros than amateurs at your tournament, this breeds intimidation. Your amateurs don’t want to compete with players that have far more years of experience than they do. But by equalling the playing field, this will allow your players (pro and am) to lighten up and remember to have fun. Give your amateurs the right equipment to play amongst the pros. We offer free club certificates to all your golfers! This will give your amateurs the right amount skills and confidence to compete with the big dogs. Want to see what other free materials we offer your golfers? Follow the link: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/complimentary-gifts.html

Reason #3: Not Enough Contests
Ok, so you have your tournament set up, but what else? Add some additional contests onto the green this tournament. This will give your golfers more opportunities to win and more reasons to want to compete next year. When you purchase any contest prize coverage for hole-in-one insurance or shootout contest insurance, you may “add-on” an additional putting and/or dice roll contest at a deep discount. And if your event is a non-profit tournament, this is an excellent opportunity to raise extra funds for your cause. Simply raffle or auction off the chance to compete in one of these exciting contests and increase your fundraising efforts substantially! Click here for more details: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/add-ons.html

Reason # 4: Lack of Sponsor Appreciation
For most events, your sponsors are the reason why you are able to have your tournament in the first place. Don’t you think it’s wise to show as much appreciation for them as you can. We give your sponsors the right recognition with our custom or templated sponsor signage! Whether they sponsored the tournament, golf carts, beverages or dinner, we have a sign for them. All of our templates can be customized to your specifications: new headers, fonts, logos and more! Check out our variety of templates here: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/signage.html

So you can see why your tournament has been unsuccessful, right? The main reason is because you have been missing one major component. That major component is US Hole In One Insurance! You’ve been missing out on top prizes, free certificates and gift cards, add-on contests and sponsor signs! Don’t let your tournament suffer any longer. Make sure that your next tournament is a success by insuring with US Hole In One. To speak to a representative and receive a free quote, call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com


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