Prepare Golfers for Your Next Hole In One Tournament

Friday, March 17, 2017

Not all golfers that attend your hole-in-one tournament will be professionals. To insure that your amateurs have an equal chance at winning the grand prize, make sure that they are equipped with the proper training tools. US Hole In One has listed a few recommendations for training your amateurs to be on the same level as pros.

Offer a Practice Round
In golf, many times the golfer has a chance to play a practice round to learn the course. During the practice round they determine which club to use, where the bunkers are, the location of any water hazards and out-of-bounds areas, and the layout of the green.

Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer
The Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer gives your golfers the freedom to practice their swing indoors or outdoors. It teaches a balanced swing and follow-through, develops the muscle memory needed for a great swing and enables the correct swing rhythm and tempo.

The Perfect Grip Trainer
This product teaches you how to grip your club correctly. You attach it to the grips of your clubs and make your regular swings. Your hands are your only connection to a golf club so you have to make sure that your grip is good. That makes it a lot easier for you to hit a good shot or even get a hole in one!

So if our game improvement tips are this good, wait till you get a piece of our world class hole in one insurance. Golf outings are so much more fun when there is a grand prize for hole-in-one winners. For information of the golf outing and insurance services that we provide, feel free to call us at 888 882 5440 or email us at

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