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Thursday, November 30, 2017

So you are interested in hosting a hole in one contest and you have come to US Hole In One because of the prize packages that are offered. However, there is more to our contests than just our prize packages. With US Hole In One, hole-in-one means all-in-one! We offer prize packages, free signage and coverage all in one package! If you do not know what is included, you may be quite impressed! Check it out:

Every hole in one contest prize package offered by the company will include the following items.

• You get contest prize coverage for the choice of grand prize that you offer (this will determine the overall cost of the package, too.)
• You will also get prize coverage for a bonus prize for additional Par 3 holes. The bonus prize may be either a Sharp LCD flat screen television, a set of domestic, roundtrip plane tickets for two people or a set Calloway golf clubs.
• You will also get a full color contest sign for the grand prize
• And, a full color contest sign for each of your bonus prizes
• You will also receive a golf club certificate for each golfer that partakes in your event.

In addition to this, when you obtain a prize package, you also get free shipping on your contest signs, if you actually make your application at least ten days prior to your actual event. And, you get free rider coverage for multiple grand and bonus prize winners for your hole in one contest.

As you can see, there is no doubt that our coverage and package is an outstanding opportunity for those who are planning a hole in one contest! For more information email us at or give us a call at 888-882-5440!

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