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Pay in the Hundreds. Insured in the Thousands.

Friday, February 24, 2017

At US Hole In One, we stand behind our 110% Low-Price Guarantee! We want to ensure that our customers can have the most successful event without paying the most. When you get coverage through US Hole In One, if you have a hole in one contest winner, we become fully responsible for paying out the prize.  Feel good about being worry-free!

Our pricing is based on three factors:

  1. The Number of Golfers who will be participating in your event.

  2. The Distance of the Par 3 Hole that you will be holding your contest on.

  3. The Value of the Hole in One Prize you wish to award to contest winners.

With that being said, the higher the prize value, number of golfers and closer the hole distance, then the higher the cost. The lower the prize value, number of golfers and farther the hole distance, then the lower the cost. No matter what you choose, our customers pay way below the actual prize that is covered. It’s proven in some of our sample prices:

Grand Prize

72 Players

100 Players

144 Players

$8,000 Home Entertainment System




$10,000 Safari Vacation




$11,000 Pebble Beach Golf Vacation




$13,000 Harley-Davidson




$15,000 Cash




$25,000 Cash




Contact US Hole In One to speak with a representative at 888-882-5440. We will be able to provide you with a low-price quote for your next big tournament!

Celebrate the Greenest Holiday on the Green!

Friday, February 17, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching! And you don’t have to be Irish to know the St. Patrick’s day is more than a holiday that gives people permission to wear green – it gives them an opportunity to play on it! Use the luckiest holiday of the year to work in your favor. Hold a St. Patrick’s themed golf tournament with “green” aka cash as the grand prize!

US Hole in One has prize packages and even promotions from our sister company (Interactive Promotions Group) to help you have a successful tournament. We have listed our top St. Patrick’s Day inspired games and packages to get your contestants excited about winning their pot of gold.

Event Signage

US Hole in One provides Event Signage so that your sponsors get the recognition they deserve. All signs can be customized to fit your needs. Signs include the sponsor name and name of the hole they will be sponsoring. We already include images on the sign, but you have the option of providing your own or give us creative license to customize it for you. See to the right, our signs can reflect the St. Patrick’s Day theme with shamrocks, goblets or horseshoes!


Sham”Rock” & Dice “Roll”

Add on a Dice Roll contest to your tournament to push you contestants luck. Select four lucky golfers from your event and offer him or her the chance to roll the dice and spell “L-U-C-K-Y,” or “S-T-P-A-D-D-Y.” To jazz up your dice even more, include icons of clover or rainbows!

Come on lad! Contact one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at

Something to Shoot for this Year… Literally

Friday, February 10, 2017

Since it’s the beginning of the year, we know that your golfers resolutions are set pretty high. As it should be. Whether they want to increase their performance, save for a car or trip, your event should meet their needs. How about giving your golfers something to shoot for this season with some of our top Prize Packages!

We have compiled a list of top resolutions from professional golfers. Whatever your golfers hope to accomplish this year, our prize packages and events will get them one step closer to reaching their goals. See below:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Improve on Putting
In 2015, Rickie Fowler ranked fourth in overall putting average, but last year those ranks dropped to 98th in overall putting. If this can happen to a professional, it can happen to your amateurs as well. Sharpen their skills by holding a putting contest. We offer valuable putting contest prizes for a fraction of the cost of the actual prize.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Step My Gear Up!
Nothing boosts a golfer’s confidence more than some style. If your golfers look better, they will do better. US Hole In One has you covered. We have partnered with Worldwide Golf shops to offer all of your golfers a $10.00 cash card to step up their gear.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Improve Driving Accuracy
Sometimes the longest hitters aren’t the straightest hitters. Recently at the SA Open, Rory McIlroy bogeyed the 17th when his putt for par rolled just left of the hole. “Disappointed to finish the way I did. I thought I hit a good shot on 17, it just pitched a bit too far,” McIlroy said. Your golfers can “straighten up their game” by holding a Hole in One tournament. With one chance to swing, your golfers will make sure that it counts.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Go on a Vacation Golf Trip
Going on a vacation is probably on everyone’s to do list. Your golfers are no exception. Don’t send them on any vacation. Send them on a trip that their skills can benefit from. We have a variety of getaways specifically for your pros. Get them excited about potentially winning a golf trip to Hawaii, St. Andrews or Pebble Beach!

New Year’s Resolution #5: Play in a High-Stakes Match
Your players will discover a lot about themselves in a competitive setting. For some golfers, it doesn’t start to get interesting until big, big, BIG MONEY is at stake. Just how far can they go in a tournament where the stakes are high – like $1,000,000 high? We have $1,000,000 shootout contests for a handful of your participants for a fraction of the cost of the actual prize.

Your golfers shouldn’t set low goals for the year, and neither should you. See how your next tournament can be your best tournament and contact one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at

Everyone’s a Winner at your Tournament!

Friday, February 3, 2017

When we say “everyone’s a winner,” we mean it!

We may offer a variety of Grand and Bonus Prize Packages, but that’s not all that your golfers are limited to winning. US Hole in One has partnered with Warrior Golf and Worldwide Golf Shops, two industry leading golf companies, to provide free prizes for all of your players. You can promote to your guests that they are winners as soon as they register!

How does it work?
When you place your order with us we will send you enough golf club certificates and cash cards for each golfer in your event so that you can hand them out at the tournament registration table and/or put them in your golfers’ goodie bags!

However, this doesn’t mean that guests shouldn’t aim for the Grand Prize or the Bonus Prizes offered at all the additional par 3 holes on the course (part of our Hole In One Prize package). If your golfers don’t take home the grand prize, their free club certificate and Worldwide Shops Cash Card will help sharpen their skills so they can become better prepared to win the grand prize during your next tournament. See below for more details:

Free Wedge and/or Hybrid Club
Warrior’s clubs fuse classic clubhead design with today’s performance-enhancing technology will insure that you shoot for success. Our complimentary golf club certificate benefits the player and your tournament. Why give them a prize that’s irrelevant to their golfing success. Providing them with golf clubs allows for them to have a prize that will improve their skills. And by improving their skills, will improve their chances in winning the grand prize!

Worldwide Shops Cash Card
Worldwide Golf Shops has been America’s most trusted golf shops in 50 years. You can trust that the $10.00 cash card will help you gear up for a win! Don’t believe me? Check out their shop to see the variety of products and equipment:

Why not give your contestants some return for their investment with free perks? Offering free prizes has benefits for not only your golfers, but for your tournament. Watch as your attendance rate increases year after year. Your golfers will most likely participate at your next tournament knowing that they won’t walk away empty handed. A win for them is a win for you!

What do you have to lose? Find out how all your attendees can win big at your next tournament. Get in contact with one of our representatives by calling 888-882-5440 or emailing who will walk you through the process.