The History of the Golf Club

Friday, January 17, 2014

Clubs are essential to the game of golf.  Since the beginning, golf clubs have developed tremendously over the past few centuries. Take a look here at Nike Golf’s latest commercial regarding the evolution of the golf club!



As the game of golf evolved from where a pebble was hit using a stick or club on the coast of Scotland, to the game it is today, golf clubs evolved with that game.  They went from those wooden shaft clubs to what we have today, clubs made of different metals and wood and crafted for  such things as the durability and weight distribution.  Technological advancements in society during the 1900s led to a revolution in design and materials used in production of clubs.  Now the creation, design, and production of golf clubs is both an art and science.  So, do you want to take a walk through history? Check out this infographic on the “History of the Club”!



Awesome infographic on the “History of the Club” by the guys at Golfzing!


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