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Charity Golf Outings

Monday, July 16, 2012

On June 18th, Edward Wilk did what millions of golfers try for every day. During the 2nd Annual DJE Charity Golf Outing, the 7 handicap, stepped up to the tee box on hole number 14, at Overpeck Country Club. Playing at 192 yards that day, Wilk struck his ball, in a few seconds, he was about to change some lives. Thanks to the Presbyterian Church of Teaneck, that hole was with a Hole In One Insurance policy. Not only did Wilk win $5,000, but the church itself received $5,000. As part of one of our packages, the final prize is split between the winner and a charity of your choice, in this case, Wilk and Presbyterian Church of Teaneck. Congratulations to Edward Wilk on your hole in one.

Running a charity golf event is one of the most popular events we cover here. Earlier in the year, I published an article about helping to run charity golf outings. This is a fantastic way to help raise funds for either a charity or cause. You can secure hole in one coverage that splits a hole in one to the winner and charity, but more importantly, the article explains how to help raise funds without leaning on a player to sink a hole in one. If you are interested in other prizes please please take a look at the some of our sample packages, but keep in mind that if you have an idea of a prize you would like to offer give us a call 888-882-5440 and talk to one of our qualified tournament specialists. We would love to help


Waldrop Sinks a Hole In One

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hole In One Winner Tangi Waldrop

Congratulations, Tangi Waldrop

Congratulations to Tangi Waldrop, you have beaten the hole in one odds. It was a beautiful June saturday in Robinson, Illinois. Tangi Waldrop was playing in the Fraternal Order of Police, Norman T. Richards Lodge #122 Golf Outing. It was about two in the afternoon when she stepped up to hole number 6 at Oak Glen Golf Course. She selected her club and took a swing at the par 3, playing 150 yard . Tangi, a 9 handicap golfer, played her shot perfectly. The ball flew through the air while she and her playing partners, Traci Ackman, Jane Hudson, Cheryl Jobe watched as it eventually made its way into the cup. Body Builders Collision Repair Center sponsored the hole with a grand prize worth $10,000! On behalf of US Hole In One, Congratulations Tangi Waldrop.

If you would like, you can learn about our pricing. Additionally, if you either want to purchase a policy or want to get a free online estimate please visit our hole in one insurance calculator. If you decide you like what you see feel free to purchase online or call 888-882-5440 to talk to a tournament specialist.


Making Changes to Your Hole In One Insurance Policy:

Friday, July 6, 2012

One of the biggest concerns for our customers here at US Hole In One is making a change to their policy once the hole in one insurance is in place. There are two major concerns that many of our clients have: the number one being that most people do not know the exact number of golfers, and probably won’t, up until the day of their tournament. The second worry is what to do if there is inclement weather.

When it comes to changing the number of golfers in your tournament, you can do so up until the morning of your event. The change must be submitted in writing, before the tournament starts. This does not need to be a formal, written letter; simply an email or a fax will is all we need. You can send an email to our change department: or send a fax to 610-525-8004. When submitting the change you just need to include the event number, which can be found on the certificate of participation, and the change that you need to have made to your hole in one insurance policy. Many of our customers often want to know if this change can be submitted by someone other than the person named on the certificate and the answer is yes. As long as the person who is submitting the change has the policy number we will be able to access the policy with no problem.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your hole in one insurance policy due to inclement weather, it is just as easy as making a change to the number of golfers. We will need to receive written notification no later than the first business day following the date indicated on the Hole In One Insurance Application. The change can either be emailed ( or faxed (610-525-8004). If you are rescheduling the tournament and you do not have the new date that is not a problem. Once you have the new date you will just need to email or fax it to the same address/number as above. In the event that you are canceling the policy we will receive a refund less the $40 cancellation fee (per policy).