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Friday, July 16, 2010

Firstly our customer service is second to none. Any client that is looking for quality hole in one coverage with us is treated like a king or queen! On top of that our hole in one insurance packages are affordable. Our customers are free to call us anytime from 9am all the way to 5pm with any questions or concerns. Everyone at US Hole In One Insurance does their very best to put a smile on your deserving face.

Next, we have a great relationship with our underwriters. Every single person that has made a hole in one in one at one of our covered hole in one insurance events were the contest was done correctly has received their prize. We are more reliable than our competitors and this gives us a great competitive advantage.

Another golf event category that we excel at is event signage. We make custom signs for golf outings, million dollar hole in one insurance shootouts, putting contests and many more. The great thing about these signs is simply that they look a whole lot better. When it comes to sponsor signs, we have a variety of templates for all our valued customers to choose from compared to just one template that most of our competitors offer! Our grand prize holes for hole in one insurance come in 3 different design depending on which grand prize the golf event coordinator chooses. Choice is power and we give that to you! Another really good thing about these signs is that they are not flimsy. Some of our staff at US Hole In Hole are keen golfers and have played in events covered by our competitors where the sponsor signs definitely didn’t look as good as ours.

Hole in One insurance might be regarded as a small business but we take it seriously, so if you want the best make sure that you choose US Hole In One Insurance! Our contact number is 888-882-5440 and our website is www.holeinoninsurance.com . Check out our signs on the website. You’ll see exactly what we’ve been talking about. Till then take care and we look forward to working with you.

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