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Thursday, September 9, 2010

We at US Hole In One are feeling really good right now. Our quality hole-in-one insurance is affordable and we love to see people make aces. A win-win situation right? We agree.

So what else is there to rave about? Well, US Hole In One tops the Google search list for “hole-in-one insurance” and we are proud of that. We love what we do, which means that we love our customers. That means that we do our best to match our insurance coverage with what customers have in mind. If you want to give away a cash prize, car or anything outrageous that you can think of, we will try our utmost best to make it happen. We are number one, but there is no time at all to be complacent. It is our goal to keep getting better every year so that means that our insurance has to follow suit.

US Hole In One has been providing hole-in-one insurance for some time and we are excited to see what the future looks like. Hopefully, it involves you getting a hole-in-one and receiving a prize courtesy of our prize coverage. At that point, nothing will be more enjoyable than memorable hole in one blended with our hole-in-one coverage.

So how can you reach us? Well, our website is holeinoneinsurance.com or you could call us directly at 888-882-5440. Before you go, you also need to know that we don’t only provide hole-in-one insurance. Our golf contest coverage stretches to putting contests and more, and we don’t even stop there. We have a sister company by the name of Interactive Promotions Group that provides contest coverage for other events like basketball, baseball, bowling, sweepstakes, radio call ins and lucky envelope contests. As you can see by now, our coverage just keeps growing and growing. What’s even better is that it benefits you, the customer. Have a great day!

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