Understanding Hole In One Insurance

Friday, May 21, 2010

Is US Hole In One right for you? Our hole in one insurance is one of the most popular out there and with good reason. But, you may be asking, just what is this type of insurance? Simply stated, it is coverage for a hole in one prize. In other words, when you use our coverage, you remove yourself from the risk of having to actually pay out this prize money or prizes if someone should hit a hole in one at your golf tournament.

Perhaps you would like to hold a charity event or even just an event for employees or clients of your company. The golf course is the ideal place to get attention and to get big donations. However, to get people interested, you need to offer a prize for a hole in one at the event. Your business does not need to worry about the cost of that prize, should a hole in one occur because US Hole In One will cover the cost for you in that event.

You can pick the prizes and the hole, within our minimum requirements. In short, when you invest in hole in one coverage, if someone should happen to hit that ace, your group does not have to pay the costs associated with the prize. This is a form coverage will cost you just a few hundred dollars, in most cases, to gain this protection.

Let’s say that at your golf outing has more than one person who hits the ace. If you did not have this coverage package then your organization would foot the bill for not just one prize, but two. When you purchase this policy, you no longer have to worry about this. That is what makes hole in one insurance so valuable.

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