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Have You Ever Gotten a Hole In One?

Friday, September 24, 2010

People who get hole in ones seem to be starting early. A teenager recently made this feat look easy. The evening telegraph of Peterborough, UK has listed on their website that, “Burghley youngster Tom Hutton was over the moon last week after scoring his first ever hole-in-one. And Tom (14) will have no problem getting the feat verified as he was playing with club secretary Howard Mulligan!” The Evening Telegraphy’s website is Our congratulations go out to this young man. That’s a job well done! Whilst reading this article we at US Hole In One also noticed that the Evening Telegraph does a lot for golf in that area. They arranged for Lee Westwood to visit a local course and take part in a three day academy. A very fortunate junior golfer got to partake in this three day event as he won a Evening Telegraph competition. He recollected of the event was as follows: “It was an amazing experience to meet Lee, especially after watching him on TV at the Open.”

Our next story takes us to Detroit. This is a truly special story that will hopefully inspire you instantly. tells us a lot about a 14 year old boy called Brad Patton. He is from Slyvan Township in Detroit. However the next part of’s report is hard to read. In October Brad suffered brain damage and broke his back and femur when a Dodge Dakota truck hit him and launched him 45 feet in the air.

However, this month young Brad defied colossal odds and showed us the insurmountable power of the human spirit. The same report goes on to proudly tell us that he hit a hole-in-one on a 125-yard hole at Union Lake Golf Course.

“All of the doctors didn’t think I would talk, they didn’t know if I would even survive,” Brad told the Oakland Press. “I feel extremely lucky.”

Brad has clearly taught us that we are all capable of achieving things that we never thought were possible. The key is to never give up.

On a closing note make sure you keep up with US Hole In One for the latest in hole in one news, hole in one insurance and golf outing services. We hope you have a great day!

Hole In One Insurance Is It Expensive?

Friday, September 17, 2010

At US Hole In On, we ensure you get the lowest price possible on your contest coverage. In fact, we put a 110% low price guarantee on these packages, to ensure that if you find any advertised price that is lower than what we offer that we will match it and beat it by 10% of the difference.

But, how expensive is it? The cost of hole in one insurance varies somewhat from one company to the next. However, it typically is between $200 and $1000. If you are thinking that your small event or your smaller group cannot afford this type of cost, think again. One of the best ways that you can get the funds to pay for this type of hole in one insurance is to get a sponsorship for your event.

Up to 90 percent of the events that we provide hole in one insurance for are sponsored events, meaning that the sponsor’s name is printed on the contest’s signage, reducing the actual cost from the owner. You will find numerous local and national organizations that are happy to provide you with sponsorships. We have worked with outstanding organizations in the past including many local businesses, car dealerships and even corporate entities.

The power of putting their name on your contest signage and getting this type of big name advertising is well worth the investment. In fact, this could be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Even if you have a small group, hole in one insurance is highly affordable and one of the best ways to draw attention to your event.

What Does US Hole In One Have to Offer?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We at US Hole In One are feeling really good right now. Our quality hole-in-one insurance is affordable and we love to see people make aces. A win-win situation right? We agree.

So what else is there to rave about? Well, US Hole In One tops the Google search list for “hole-in-one insurance” and we are proud of that. We love what we do, which means that we love our customers. That means that we do our best to match our insurance coverage with what customers have in mind. If you want to give away a cash prize, car or anything outrageous that you can think of, we will try our utmost best to make it happen. We are number one, but there is no time at all to be complacent. It is our goal to keep getting better every year so that means that our insurance has to follow suit.

US Hole In One has been providing hole-in-one insurance for some time and we are excited to see what the future looks like. Hopefully, it involves you getting a hole-in-one and receiving a prize courtesy of our prize coverage. At that point, nothing will be more enjoyable than memorable hole in one blended with our hole-in-one coverage.

So how can you reach us? Well, our website is or you could call us directly at 888-882-5440. Before you go, you also need to know that we don’t only provide hole-in-one insurance. Our golf contest coverage stretches to putting contests and more, and we don’t even stop there. We have a sister company by the name of Interactive Promotions Group that provides contest coverage for other events like basketball, baseball, bowling, sweepstakes, radio call ins and lucky envelope contests. As you can see by now, our coverage just keeps growing and growing. What’s even better is that it benefits you, the customer. Have a great day!